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Darrion + Jamie Wedding

Darrion and Jamie's big day was absolutely lovely! Many things changed leading up to their wedding, including their wedding date, location of the wedding (they originally chose an outdoor wedding but the weather said no), and the location for their pre-ceremony photos. In the midst of all these changes though, Darrion and Jamie's love for one another shone through! It was an absolute honor for Taylor and I to capture their wedding photos and video.

Darrion and Jamie decided to do a first look (in the bathroom because of the rain!) and have Jamie help Darrion put her jewelry on. It was such a sweet moment when Jamie saw Darrion in her dress for the first time. His big grin said it all! It's always such a blessing as photographers/videographers to be able to capture the groom seeing the bride for the first time.

After the getting ready photos and the first look we drove to Queensgate Gardens (shout out to the owner Brian for letting us use it!) to take their couple portraits, bridal party, and family photos. The floor was wet but one of the groomsmen grabbed a blanket for Darrion to stand on so she wouldn't get her dress dirty before walking down the aisle. The greenhouse was packed with everyone in it but the photos turned out stunning. Take a look below!

Once we completed the photos in the greenhouse we went back to the venue, which was actually in a warehouse behind Darrion's close friends house (pretty much family), the McDowell's! Tin Sparrow Events did an excellent job getting things set up and decorated in the warehouse. It was absolutely gorgeous in there!

While we waited for the guests to arrive I took a couple of detail shots while Taylor recorded some audio of the bride and groom sharing about when they knew each other were the one. After this the bridal party and family prayed over the couple before it was time for them to walk down the aisle.

Now it was time for the ceremony. Taylor and I got positioned in the venue and ready to capture the most important part of the day. Family and the bridal party entered followed by, of course, the bride! Jamie teared up seeing Darrion walk down the aisle (this is my favorite part of the wedding). Mr. McDowell officiated the wedding and did an excellent job. I honestly teared up at some points (keep in together Emily!). The ceremony was short and sweet because Darrion and Jamie had chosen to share their personal vows to each other in private earlier in the day. Capturing them committing their lives to one another was so special.

Once you make it official before God you have to make it official before the government. Taylor and I followed the bride and groom inside to take photos of them signing their official marriage license. This is a small but crucial step in getting married! We have friends who never got their license turned in so make sure to do that if you're getting married soon.

Time for the reception! The reception began with some absolutely amazing Mexican food. They had chicken and chorizo tacos with rice and beans. YUMMMMMM. My stomach is grumbling just thinking about it. After dinner was time for toasts. Darrion and Jamie were so precious listening to the best man, maid of honor, Jamie's dad, and Darrion's "adopted" mom share. Darrion teared up several times from the sweet words they spoke. Next they cut their cake and nicely fed it to each other.

Next up......PARTY TIME! Darrion and Jamie did their first dance together then the father-daughter and mother-son dance. After this they danced the night away with their family and friends! Taylor and I busted a few moves while we took photos, what can I say ya girl likes to dance:) To finish the night off they had a sparkler send off outside. It was an incredible day full of memories and fun. Blessings to the Burkes!

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