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Mt. Rainier Elopement

Sarah and Jacob's Mt. Rainier elopement was an absolute dream. The weather was perfect and their ceremony was sweet and intimate. You could see Mt. Rainier clearly and she looked beautiful! Not as beautiful as the lovely bride Sarah though:)

We started off the day in a field with Mt. Rainier as our backdrop. Jacob and Taylor went out first to set him up for the first look and Sarah and I followed about 10 min after. However, when we got to the field we were supposed to do that first look at, they were not there! We didn't have cell service so we couldn't call them. We ended up walking around the trail looking for them. We even resorted to shouting their names at one point! Finally, we saw Taylor walking towards us and he told us that Jacob got confused about the meeting spot and then realized his mistake. This led to them walking around the trail to the correct place while we walked around it looking for them. Thankfully we never crossed paths or Jacob would have seen Sarah before the first look! All's well that ends well though. Sarah and Jacob had a sweet first look that Taylor and I were so blessed to be able to capture.

After the first look, we went into the forest. We got stopped by several hikers who commented on how beautiful the bride Sarah looked (one lady even asked to take a photo on her phone!). We took photos in the forest for around an hour and were just finishing up when I got a little lightheaded:/ I was in my second trimester of pregnancy at that time and got dehydrated from walking around. After about 10 min rest, a bottle of water, and some snacks, and I was good to go though!

Next up, ceremony time! The ceremony was held at the Little White Church of Elbe. It really was the cutest, little white church I've ever seen! Sarah and Jacob had around 30 of their closest friends and family members there. The ceremony was short, sweet, and lovely. It was such a fun, intimate setting.

After the ceremony, Sarah and Jacob signed their marriage license, and then we took family and bridal party photos. We also snapped a couple more bride and groom photos for good measure. Our job was done after that (well, except for editing of course) and Sarah and Jacob drove off to have a BBQ at the park with their friends and family. Elopements are such a great way to really enjoy your big day with the people closest to you! I highly recommend it! If you are interested in doing an elopement, then check out our elopement package;)

Thank you Sarah and Jacob for choosing us for your big day!

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