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Lukas and Liv Engagement Photos

Vickerman Visuals

I remember when I first met both Lukas and Olivia a couple of years ago. They were students in the youth group I worked with at the time. They were both funny, kind, loved Jesus, and were easy to talk to. They were those students you never worried about because they were always responsible and mature beyond their years.

When Lukas texted me and asked me to take their wedding/engagement photos I was so excited. Not only would Tay and I get to hang out with this great couple, but also get to capture their beautiful love for one another. We had originally planned on going to Mt. Rainier with them but weather caused us to change plans. We ended up deciding to do this photoshoot at Rimrock Lake in Washington State. This is about a half an hour outside of Yakima, Washington and is a place I grew up going to as a kid. We have a small cabin there so thankfully I am familiar with the area.

We caught up with Lukas and Olivia on the drive up and it was tons of fun! We swapped stories on where we are at in life and our future plans. It's always good catching up with friends. Before we knew it we were already at Rimrock Lake!

It was a bright, sunny day and about noon when we got up there. You would think this was perfect weather but if you know anything about photography (if you don't that's okay) you know that shooting in direct overhead sunlight is not easy. You need to be careful with shadows, squinty eyes, and overexposed shots. Thankfully, Lukas and Olivia helped make it a breeze though.

We had tons of fun throughout the shoot laughing and teasing them on the more intimate shots. We joked about them having to kiss in front of their old youth pastors (not awkward at all right?). They were good sports about it even if they did get a little red in the face.

We got a variety of shots by the water, sitting on rocks, with a yellow picnic table, in a field, and in the forest. I enjoy being able to give my clients a variety of shots to choose from! Sometimes you have something in mind but a different shot just hits you different. That's how I felt about the last photos in the forest. It was a shaded area so we were able to get some nice soft light and the texture in the trees really popped.

We headed out after these shots ready to go get some food. We decided to go to a place in Yakima called Dim Sum which was absolutely delicious. We enjoyed the pork steamed buns and the dumplings. Highly recommend if you're in Yakima! We talked and laughed some more while we ate. It was a great day!

We are shooting Olivia and Lukas's wedding this summer and are pumped for it! We will keep you all updated on it after.


Em and Tay

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