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a little about us:
Emily & Taylor vickerman

We always find this section a little difficult to write. How do we sum up ourselves in a few sentences? We would MUCH prefer just chatting with you over a cup of coffee while we get to know each other (which is something we hope we are able to do!). 

But. . . we will do our best.

We love creativity, design, and details. We believe that God is the greatest artist and that He created us in His image with the ability to create and capture beauty. We enjoy photography because it allows us to do this while also connecting with people (one of our other favorite things). 

We also enjoy spending time together (we are best friends) and spending time with the rest of our family. We love laughing, having deep discussions, reading books, eating good food, and having a nice hot cup of coffee or tea. 

We are excited to hopefully learn more about you!


How WE got started in photography


I have been doing photography for 5 years now. I originally bought a DSLR camera to start vlogging but quickly found out how difficult it is to talk on camera. Since I had a nice camera, family started asking me to take photos for them. I discovered that I really enjoyed photography and began branching out to photos of friends and acquaintances. 

I continued doing photography on the side for the next 5 years. During this time I finished my bachelors degree, started working, and got married. It was a busy time but I made sure to continue doing photography when I could. My husband and I spent time as missionaries this past year and after I decided to pursue photography full time as I go to grad school for Mental Health and Counseling!


I started doing photography with my wife while we were dating, around 3 years ago. I found out that I really enjoyed it as well and ended up buying a camera also. Since then I have been shooting alongside her and love it!

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